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Established in 2022

In a rapidly evolving digital world, it's more important than ever to keep all of our devices up-to-date, and our cars are no different. You see, manufacturers are always striving to improve their systems and software to give us drivers the best possible experience. 

Also, the physical world around us is rapidly changing too, and we rely more than ever on the navigation systems built into our devices and vehicles.

We offer customers what they want, how they want it. Car media firmware and navigation updates and so much more, delivered to your home to self-install with detailed instructions and support to get the job done.


Ben Weaving & Steven Nobes - Managing Directors.

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In The News!

  • What Is The Custom Audi Splash Screen?

    19th November 2022

    What Is The Custom Audi Splash Screen?

    Have you ever wanted to add that personal touch to your Audi's MMI system? Wanted to do some more interesting customisations and stand out from others? We now offer the ability to customise your system's startup splash screen!

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  • What Is The Audi MMI Green Menu?

    19th November 2022

    What Is The Audi MMI Green Menu?

    We get asked frequently here at “What is the Green Menu”. This article will explain exactly what it is and does, so you can be better informed when deciding to purchase this from our store.

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  • NEW RELEASE: 2023 MMI 3G / 3G+ MAPS

    14th November 2022

    NEW RELEASE: 2023 MMI 3G / 3G+ MAPS

    The latest Audi MMI 3G & 3G+ maps for 2023 are now available! Released: November 2023 | Database Version: 6.35.1 | Product Code: 8R0051884KB

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  • Need Help? MMI Bundle Buster!

    11th November 2022

    Need Help? MMI Bundle Buster!

    We are available via online chat and email to help get you the right product quickly and easily. We have over 8 years of experience dealing with all models and years of Audi vehicles.

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  • What Audi MMI System Do I Have?

    9th November 2022

    What Audi MMI System Do I Have?

    Here at we get asked this question all the time and it can become very confusing to know exactly what system you have in your Audi vehicle.

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  • Fast Shipping, Excellent Communication

    "Fast shipping, excellent communication, and most importantly...great customer service. Instructions were easy to follow."

    Scott Grover / 21st September 2022

  • Great Experience

    "Great experience getting my 2015 era MMI updated with new maps & firmware. Support is available although the instructions are excellent and didn't require any other help.

    Highly recommended!"

    Rob MacCara / 19th September 2022

  • Brilliant, Brilliant Service!

    "Brilliant, brilliant service! Personally helped me through the nav update process from the UK, while sat in my car in Australia. Even helped live update the config via TeamViewer to overcome a small glitch.

    Worth every penny/dollar! Can�t recommend highly enough."

    Mark Campbell / 24th August 2022

  • A Brilliant Service

    "A brilliant service, 3 days from ordering to fully updated. I bought the system/map package and now have the latest maps and Apple CarPlay. Clear, concise instructions provided via customer support within 20 mins of requesting them. Many thanks Navman."

    Steve Moore / 4th September 2022

  • Couldn't Be Happier!

    "Couldn't be happier, 2 hours $169.95 US and my 2016 S7 has Apple Car Play"

    Chris Dow / 1st November 2022