GPS Position Is Incorrect. Why?

GPS Position Is Incorrect. Why?

GPS Position is incorrect / No Satellites Received

Over time your GPS position and signal strength can degrade due to a variety of reasons. Most commonly due to water ingress getting beneath the shark fin antenna mounting on the roof of your vehicle.

Symptoms of this can be any of the following:

  • No Satellite Signal (0 satellites received).
  • GPS Position does not move when the vehicle is in motion.
  • GPS position is moving however the position is incorrect.
  • Audible warning from the speakers that the system is not active.


I have this issue! How can I resolve it?

Not to worry we have a very simple and cheap solution to this problem. Replacing the roof antenna can be a very expensive and time time-consuming task to complete. 

We have another solution… Replacing the GPS antenna into the rear of the MMI unit itself. 

Items Required to complete the task:


  1. Remove the MMI unit from the front of the dashboard using the removal keys. 
  2. Disconnect the antenna connector for the shark fin (Blue connector)
  3. Connect your new antenna purchased from us at
  4. Mount the black antenna “puck” behind the rear of the system.
  5. Replace the MMI system into your dashboard.
  6. Power up your vehicle and go for a drive to calibrate the new antenna
  7. Job Completed

Approximate time to complete the task: 30-60 minutes. Example image below of a typical MMI unit for reference.

If you have any questions please contact us via email at or via live chat facility (bottom right of your screen).

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