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Ben Weaving
Audi MMI 3G / 3G+ Hard Drive Repair & Replacement Solution
Finally, a solution to failed or failing Audi MMI 3G and MMI 3G+ hard drives. Replace your drive today and get your navigation and Bluetooth media functioning once more!
Audi MMI 3G+ Installation Video
Check out this installation video from our partners at Audi C7 Owners for the Audi MMI 3G+ System that can be found in many Audi vehicles.
GPS Position Is Incorrect. Why?
Over time your GPS position and signal strength can degrade due to a variety of reasons. Most commonly due to water ingress getting beneath the shark fin antenna mounting on the roof of your vehicle.
What Is The Audi MMI Green Menu?
We get asked frequently here at “What is the Green Menu”. This article will explain exactly what it is and does, so you can be better informed when deciding to purchase this from our store.
What Is The Custom Audi Splash Screen?
Have you ever wanted to add that personal touch to your Audi's MMI system? Wanted to do some more interesting customisations and stand out from others? We now offer the ability to customise your system's startup splash screen!