Audi MMI 3G / 3G+ Hard Drive Repair & Replacement Solution

Audi MMI 3G / 3G+ Hard Drive Repair & Replacement Solution

The MMI 3G High and MMI 3G+ systems have been around for over 10 years and with time the internal storage devices (hard disks) in these systems become fragmented and eventually stop working altogether. The drives are seen as consumable parts and will eventually run their lifespan. 

We now have a fully remote solution to resolve this problem!


Common signs of a degrading or failed MMI hard drive are as follows:

  • Navigation systems stuck at “initialising”.
  • Bluetooth media stuck at "initialising".
  • “Loading medium or device please wait” message.
  • Errors codes such as “Error 150” during software or navigation map updates.
  • General system sluggishness and mobile phone taking considerable time to connect on initial system load.
  • The navigation database version is blank when checking your version information under settings > Version Information.
  • Persistent audible “clicking” sound when listening carefully near the system.

Example images below of some scenarios of failed hard disk drives.

Updating the software presents error 150 codes.

Version information under Setup MMI > Settings > Version Information shows no navigation database version.

Navigation sits at initialising


Does this sound like a problem you are facing? Read on for the fully remote solutions available! 

Solution 1 : Replace your MMI internal hard disk with a replacement IDE drive. This can be any 60GB IDE 2.5 hard drive of your choice. 

A good example is the Toshiba MK6050GAC which is an automotive-grade replacement. This is a temperature and vibration-resistant drive which is ideal for the environments of vehicles. Non-automotive grade drives can fail sooner than expected as they are not designed for the harsh environments of moving vehicles and vast temperature fluctuations from summer to winter months.

Once your new drive has been purchased and installed in your vehicle's MMI unit, you are then required to purchase the appropriate bundle update package + HDD Repair Add-on. Links are below to the items needed for solution option 1.

  1. Update Bundle (Click here)
  2. Hard Disk (HDD) Repair Add-on Pack (Click Here)
  3. MMI Removal Keys (Click Here)
  4. Your new IDE 2.5 hard drive


Solution 2: Purchase a "ready to go" replacement drive from ourselves at 

We supply and ship a brand new drive ready to install without the need for the HDD Repair Add-on package. You simply just need the drive and the update bundle package. Links are below to the items required for solution option 2.

  1. Update Bundle (Click here)
  2. Hard Disk (HDD) Replacement (Click Here)
  3. MMI Removal Keys (Click Here)


Removing and Installing the new drive in your Audi vehicle. What do I need to do?

Each vehicle model has different steps required to remove the MMI unit from the dashboard. We recommend you search YouTube for your model and year for the correct steps to perform this process. In this example, we will do it on an Audi A5.

Watch the step-by-step hard drive replacement video below (Credit to "breakallthethings" on YouTube) for this fantastic walkthrough.



Example of the MMI unit with removal keys inserted (Audi A5)

Removal of CD drive to reveal hard drive.

MMI Internals revealing the Hard drive

Removal of screws from drive enclosure.

Drive removal from the enclosure.

If you have any questions please contact us via email at or via the live chat facility (bottom right of your screen).

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